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Wiki Workz Fitness is headed by husband and wife team Ruben and Santa Wiki. With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, Ruben and Santa’s strong belief in teamwork and support has seen our Wiki Workz family through some incredible achievements in everything from health and weight loss through to strength training, endurance and competition. Together with our highly qualified and passionate coaches, we present an exercise program that promotes preventative injury and utilises functional movements to improve strength and cardio conditioning. Wiki Workz is an open gym, with our 270 sqm floor providing a welcoming space for athletes and teams to work on their high-performance skills training.


In our classes, members are encouraged to lend their voices and support one another whenever we’re out on the working floor, promoting positive communication and a wellness team culture – a vital part of our Wiki Workz ethos. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND At Wiki Workz we provide exercises for all fitness levels, providing support and encouragement to every single member of our gym to work alongside them in setting and achieving their goals. With a strong foundation of encouragement and mentorship, we work to develop a positive and passionate mindset toward health and fitness in each of our clients that shine through clearly in our 45min and 60min classes.


All new members are warmly greeted by our team and made to feel welcome, so come along and experience life in the Wiki Workz whanau today!



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Wiki Workz Fitness is a friendly, welcoming fitness centre with a wide range of exercise options, so you are sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Our classes are designed so you’ll become fitter and stronger, with improved posture and athleticism. Along with getting fit and learning new skills you’ll make new friends in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. We have a selection of membership options – along with the ability to book a trial class to try us out – so what’s stopping you?


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