At Wiki Workz we provide exercises for all fitness levels. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND. We support and encourage you to achieve your goals and develop a great mindset toward health and fitness in our 45 mins and 60 mins classes.

In our classes, we encourage members to lend their voices and support one another out on the working floor. This promotes positive communication and a wellness team culture.

Meta Fit

Metafit is a 30-minute, bodyweight-only, non-choreographed, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. The program was created over a decade ago in the UK by a Royal Marine Commando in a bid to make HIIT more efficient and effective. Metafit exercise will have a progression or regression that will enable each person to work as hard as he or she can.

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Silver Fit

Silver Fit Life is an exclusive fitness program meticulously designed for individuals aged 55 and above. Join us on a path to enhance your well-being, one step at a time. The small group classes will improve strength and flexibility, reduce the risk of falls by enhancing your balance and coordination, help keep heart disease and hypertension at bay, elevate your mood, reduce stress, and sharpen cognitive skills. The class will also give you a chance to share experiences and build meaningful connections. Contact Santa at 021687358 or complete the Contact Us form.

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Open Gym

Open Gym sessions give you a dedicated time (free from structured classes) where you can come in and work on your own training.

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Ankorr is a unique, harness-based workout that utilises a multi-directional resistance harness system combined with Zuu’s dynamic bodyweight exercises to give users a high-intensity strength-building workout. Used around the world by professional sports teams and elite athletes, Ankorr is designed to fast-track functional strength, mobility, and conditioning, giving you that edge like nothing else can.

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The perfect all-rounder class, Box-Fit combines boxing circuits, cardio and body weighted exercises in a class that builds fitness and strength, promotes fat loss and teaches excellent technique. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Box-Fit is one of our most-loved workouts and an excellent option for those looking for a class that is both fun and challenging.

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Designed to strengthen joints and ligaments, increase conditioning, burn fat, and build lean muscle, Zuu is a low-impact high-intensity workout that needs no equipment, just your own bodyweight. This makes these classes ideal for a wide range of ages and fitness levels, from the beginner looking for a fun and easy-to-follow workout that will increase mobility and fitness, right through to the seasoned pro wanting to work on areas often neglected by traditional workout styles.

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Meta PWR

Metapwr is a 30-minute-high intensity workout created to develop strength and power, combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and joints and significantly increase your metabolic rate. Metapwr is a great choice for those wanting a fast-paced workout with maximum results, boosting your metabolism, burning through the calories, and increasing your fitness without spending hours in the gym.

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Our “original” exercise program, achieves gains in muscular strength and endurance following the three basic principles: Overload, Progression and Specificity. A resistance weights program format building muscle to improving speed, power, strength. This class is suitable for all from the athlete trying to improve their sports performance to a beginner wanting a dynamic full body workout. All classes will finish with a conditioning finisher

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Designed to help you improve your strength, mobility and stamina using principles of functional training. You will be treated to a variety of workouts that will challenge and mould you physically and mentally using exercises that range from barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, cardio, body weight to gymnastics type movements. All sessions are geared to help you tackle those fitness goals and are suitable for anyone at any level as our trainers will provide modified exercises to ensure you get a good workout.

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Barbell Club

Barbell Club is your chance to learn the techniques and skills of weightlifting and work on your performance under the care of our experienced coaching team. Highly effective at improving speed, power, strength and mobility, this class is suitable for all from the athlete wanting to improve their sports performance to the beginner looking for a dynamic full body workout that can give you a real pride in your achievements as you learn and progress. Do not be scared to try it out if you are new to barbell – it is a fantastic workout for all, easily customised to your fitness level.

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