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Wiki PI Youth Programme

The programme is designed to fuel the Mauri (o te Taiohi) of our rangatahi in order to keep their minds and bodies strong and healthy. Rangatahi will learn about hauora and taha tinana (physical well-being) through practical assessments, group fitness, nutritional workshops and team building activities. 

They will also receive support from our highly skilled Wiki Workz team to improve their fitness, develop rangatiratanga (leadership) skills, form new friendships and achieve their goals. Every Friday, whānau will be invited to come along and participate in nutritional and wellness workshops, locked and loaded fitness classes and other activities.

We’ve teamed up with CLM Community Sport NZ and Tu Manawa Active Aotearoa to bring you our WIKI PI Youth Programme. A fun, free mana-enhancing programme for local rangatahi (youth) aged 12 to 18 years old.

Our Mission

“Healthy Rangitahi – Healthy Minds – Happy Whanau,” emphasizes our commitment to nurturing the overall well-being of young Rangitahi.

We understand the significance of Whai Wahitanga, acknowledging the importance of their mana, and we provide a safe space for them to participate, set goals, develop plans, and take responsibility for their growth.

All this whilst having fun, making new friends, and maintaining their fitness.

Program Schedule

School Holidays: Monday 15th April – Friday 28th April 2024

Term 2:  Monday 29th April – Friday 26th June 2024 

Days: The programme will take place every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Times: Doors will be open from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m, providing flexibility for both tamariki and rangatahi participants to attend at their convenience.

Programme Highlights:

Fitness Assessments: We will conduct fitness assessments appropriate for rangatahi to help them track their progress and set personal fitness goals. 

Nutrition Education Workshops: To complement physical fitness, we believe in educating our youth about proper nutrition. Renowned nutritionist Tina Buch will conduct workshops, providing valuable insights into healthy eating habits. 

Group Fitness Sessions: Our rangatahi will engage in group fitness sessions three times a week, allowing them to improve their physical well-being and cultivate an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Wellness: Our program also focuses on overall wellness. Our rangatahi will learn to practice good habits for themselves, develop positive interactions with food and water, and learn about healthy social connections with people their age. 

Our rangatahi will also have the opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and practical communication skills, all aimed at fostering their emotional and mental well-being. 

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